We regret we are unable to run our usual schedule of groups for families at present.  However, Wendy, our Community and Families Worker, is running some sessions of worship for families indoors with social distancing, and play-time sessions in the church garden with social distancing.

 You can contact our Community and Families worker, Wendy on 07904 517384 or wendy.lidgate@outlook.com     






This is now held in Main Hall once or twice a month with social distancing.  Contact Wendy for dates.

Watch and listen to  -   July 12th Family Worship.

                                -   June 14th Family Worship.

                                -   May 10th Family Worship.


For the youngest families - Autumn 2020

We are currently holding some small play sessions in the church garden with social distancing in place.  Please contact Wendy to book a date

Playtime for Breakfast church Saturday mornings from 10am – contact Wendy to book

Playtime on Thursday mornings from 10am  - contact Wendy to book

Playtime on Friday afternoons from 2pm – contact Wendy to book

Babygroup: If you have a new baby and would like to meet up with a few other Mums (and Dads) and babies in a safe setting indoors, please contact Wendy, likely sessions Wednesday afternoons and Friday mornings


Story Time with Wendy 

Watch and listen to a story  -   Rumble in the Jungle.

                                             -   On the Farm .

                                             -   The Lost Sheep .

                                             -   The Squirrel who loved shiny things .

                                             -   Rude Mule.

                                             -   Tale of Two Sons.

                                             -   Romp in the Swamp.


Chatter and Tots Update 

See the message from Anne to  Chatter and Tots 

Sing along with these songs :

                                        -   Chatter and Tots Songs.

                                        -   Three Little Monkeys.

                                        -   Baa Baa Black Sheep.



Prayers for the time between Easter and Ascension

John chapter 20 v 26-27 Although the doors were shut, Jesus came and stood among them and said,
‘Peace be with you.’ Then he said to Thomas, ‘Put your finger here and see my hands. Reach out your
hand and put it in my side. Do not doubt but believe.’

Prayers with glasses (e.g. sunglasses). Put your glasses on at ‘showing’ and take them off at ‘when’.

Lord Jesus,
We praise you for sharing your love with us and rising from the dead, for forgiveness and new life.
Thank you for helping millions of Christians before us:
- showing the way when there wasn’t a clear path ahead
- showing the truth when things were hidden
- showing God’s love when there was sadness and pain
- showing friendship when people were alone
- showing calm when there was anger
- showing how to be reconciled when there was disagreement
- showing faith in God when people were doubting.
Keep showing us how you are working in our own lives every day. And may other people see your life
shining in us. To the glory of God, Amen.

What signs of God’s love can you see today? Keep your glasses on as you name them and give thanks.


Prayers with your breath. After each line of prayer breathe on your hand – like blowing a kiss…

Lord our God,
Today we breathe your perfect peace into the struggles on our planet.
- Let there be harmony between people and creation, space for plants and animals in balance with
towns and cities, plastic-free seas, and clean air.
- We pray your peace to everyone worried about coronavirus. Take away anxiety and fear.
- Give your calm strength to healthworkers, carers and other keyworkers.
- We pray wisdom to people in government, businesses and community organisations. Breathe your
peace into tough conversations. Help scientists, medics and decision-makers to agree the best plans.
- Send help to those who don’t have enough money.
- Give everyone patience to stay home when needed, and send your Spirit to cheer the lonely.
- We pray comfort to those who are sad and missing loved ones.
- We pray your healing to those who are sick, and your protection to keep people safe - especially in
crowded suburbs, and refugee camps.
- We pray peace in our homes, hospitals, shops, in the places people work, and on-line.
- Bless our family and friends with your peace, now and evermore. In the Name of Jesus, Amen.

Name people you know and breathe God’s peace to them…Name another country and pray peace


Prayers for Holy Week here.

Prayers for Easter 

John chapter 20 v 6-7

Then Simon Peter went into the tomb. He saw the linen wrappings lying there, and the
napkin which had been round Jesus’ head folded up in a place by itself.

Prayers with a piece of white cloth (tea-towel, pillow case, handkerchief)

Dear Lord Jesus,
We celebrate the victory you won on Easter day:
- bursting out of the tomb (crouch down, jump up and wave your piece of cloth)
- rising from death (crouch down, jump up etc)
- and opening a way to heaven. (crouch down, jump up etc)
Alleluia! (crouch down, jump up etc)

(Now wrap the cloth around you)

Thankyou Jesus for being our friend forever. Thankyou for forgiving us when
we do wrong. Be with us through all our problems and help us grow closer to you each day.

(Now slowly fold up your cloth)

Thankyou for sharing your truth in our minds. May we listen to your words of
life, so we can make good choices. Help us to carefully follow your way, serving God, caring for other people.

(Shake out your cloth and wave it around in a big circle)

We thank you for the excitement as your friends told
other people the amazing news – You are alive! Make us glad too, and help us spread the joy. Alleluia! Amen

Prayers with a stone – any large pebble

Lord Jesus, our God,

It took many of your friends some time to know you had risen from the dead.

(Pass the stone from one hand to the other and back again)

As the news was passed from one to another, they must have wondered how it could be, what it meant and what would happen next. For several weeks people saw you occasionally, not knowing when you would turn up!

(Now cup the stone in both your hands)

May we know you are always there for us, whatever is going on. And when we don’t know what will happen tomorrow, help us to trust in you. Give us your peace in our hearts,through your Holy Spirit, Amen.

Prayers with a flower – a daisy, a bluebell, or draw a paper flower

Lord Jesus,
Thankyou for the power of your victory on the cross bringing new life. So we pray for other people today.

(Hold your flower on the palm of your hand and reach out towards the street)

Where there is sorrow bring comfort, where there is sickness bring healing, and in place of anger bring peace and friendship. Bless all the homes in our street today with your life and love. We pray for our family and friends to be safe and happy. And lead us all along the road to heaven where you have gone to prepare our place.
To the glory of God, Amen.

To share with children during the Pandemic 

Prayers with ‘palm branches’ – any green leaf or twig – or make one from paper. Wave them high!

Dear Lord Jesus,
Thankyou for the trees and leaves and all the wonders of creation, which provide food for us and people and
animals everywhere. And today we thank you for those people whose work enables us to eat. Thankyou that
there is less traffic and pollution just now and chance to enjoy more stillness and the beauty of the sky. With
Christians all over the world we remember how on Palm Sunday people waved palm branches and praised you
as their king. And we pray Your Kingdom Come!  Amen

Prayers with sticking plasters (Elastoplast). Plasters keep our cuts free from infection!
1. Hold or stick a plaster on yourself.

Lord, some of us are sad about staying in so much now and sad about news that some people are sick.
Help us to be cheerful with what we have got. Help us be patient with our family. Help us all to keep safe
and to keep other people safe by staying home a lot. Thankyou that this will all be over in time. Seal us
with your love and protection, seal our bodies from sickness, our hearts from bitterness, and our minds
from getting worried or down. In the Name of King Jesus, AMEN

2. Hold or stick a plaster on a member of your family.
Dear Lord, keep everyone in my family safe through this time and all my friends. And please send your
love and care to anyone who is sick at the moment, and anyone who is sad because of coronavirus. Give
your strength to everyone who works in the NHS and other essential jobs. And give your help and peace
to anyone who is worried about jobs and money at the moment. We thank you King Jesus that your
strength can help us through anything. AMEN

3. The next plaster is for the whole world - so hold it up high.
Lord Jesus we ask you to send coronavirus away – away from England and all of UK, away from Spain and
Italy and France, away from New York and India, away from the whole world. We pray scientists find a
vaccine soon. We pray for treatments to help people get better – and thankyou medical trials are starting.
We pray for enough Equipment for every medical and care worker – in the right place at the right time. We
pray safety for poor people, and refugees and prisoners everywhere. As we journey this week through
Easter, give us that hope which knows there is love amidst pain, peace after stress, joy after sorrow, and
life beyond death. And help us to help other people when we get the chance. To the glory of God. AMEN.


Dear God,
Thankyou for my hands, thankyou for my feet, fill my heart with love and bless everyone I meet. AMEN

Prayers by Wendy Lidgate, April 2020


Our Baby Group Facebook feed

Baby Group

We are open most Wednesday afternoons in the year for a drop-in for babies and parents from 1.30pm to 3.30pm.  Free parking in our adjacent carpark from 1.15pm.  This is a friendly multi-cultural group available to all pregnant women and mums and dads with babies up until they are toddling. A few people manage to get along the second week after birth but for most it takes a few weeks to start getting out and about. Come for refreshments and a chat, playtime for your baby, and our short singing session.  If needed, you can bring an older child along too and we will find them some toys from our children’s corner. It’s usual for people to feed their baby during the sessions – breast or bottle - and if desired we can move a screen to create some privacy – just ask. There is no religious content in this session, which is open to people of all faiths and none. Donation suggested £1.50 per family. To check on dates in August and December, visit our facebook page WGC Baby Group. 

Previously, this group was called Bumps and Babies and has been run in the past by NCT, and during 2016/17 as a supportive partnership between NCT and the church.
Contact: wendy.lidgate@outlook.com.   07904 517384

Parents and Tiddlers

A supportive fortnightly group for parents with babies from the just toddling stage, roughly aged 12 to 24 months. Siblings welcome. We meet on the 2nd and 4th Fridays of most months from 2pm to 4pm in term-time, and to suit the needs of group members during holidays.  There is no religious content in this session, which is open to people of all faiths and none.  Donation suggested £1.50 per family. Parking is available from 1.45pm.
Contact: wendy.lidgate@outlook.com.  07904 517384


Do bring your family to join with us on Sunday mornings, at our fortnightly Breakfast Church on Saturdays, or at one of our social events for families held about four times a year. Many young families also attend our Baby and Toddler Groups. Details below: we look forward to meeting you and your family.


Sunday mornings – Junior Church fortnightly

Our Junior Church caters for ages 3 to 12, toddlers may play with their parents nearby or in the Childrens’ Corner in church, and we have a discipleship group for teens meeting monthly. When we have All Age worship, including childrens’ songs and story, there is usually an extra hands-on activity provided for children, besides the toys in the Children’s Corner.

Junior Church meets in the Lower Hall, with toys and games and crafts, and a bible story and prayer using the Roots lectionary theme. It’s usually a small group of between 3 and 8 children with two leaders, and parents are welcome to stay with children who are settling in. In summer, we may use the garden. After about 50 minutes, we join with the main congregation for some lively singing, the final blessing and sometimes a story. And children may be invited to show the congregation some of their crafts (if they want to!). If your child has some particular needs, please have a chat with Wendy and we will try and accommodate.

We also welcome children to our monthly Family Worship@10 and our Altogether services.

Breakfast Church 

Our relaxed Saturday morning welcomes families to a help-yourself breakfast, craft activities and toys (or playtime in the garden during warmer months) followed by a bible story, Christian songs and child-friendly ways of praying. We meet fortnightly in term-time on the 1st and 3rd Saturday of the month, and usually once in the school holidays. Begun in 2015, there are 10 to 14 families involved with children aged 0 to 9 and we have use of both Lower and Main Halls. Teenagers can also join in, usually as helpers. All children must be accompanied by an adult. The morning runs from 10am to 11.30. And if you are running a bit late – come anyway.

Contact: Wendy.lidgate@outlook.com  tel 07904 517384              

Holiday Club

Our Holiday Club for ages 5 to 10 runs on Tuesday and Thursday mornings during half-term.  Each two-hour session includes jokes, games and playtime, crafts, dancing or running game, bible story and discussion about the theme, and refreshments.  For children who want, there is an optional prayer activity. This is a friendly morning where the children can make friends with a small group of others and enjoy themselves.  Occasionally, some parents stay and play nearby with a younger child, which works well. Open to children from all faiths and none. Suggested donation: £4 per morning if you can afford it.

Social Events

During the year, the church hosts various social and fun family events. Our 2017 summer family barbecue was enjoyed by 36 children and over 100 adults, and our ever popular November fayre includes children’s entertainment and Santa’s grotto. We open the garden in summer time for a variety of play dates, and in January families come to watch the garden from indoors (!) to participate in the RSPB national bird survey and we enjoy bird-themed crafts. In March 2016 we had a very successful afternoon with some Magicians, and in 2017 we had an Easter family event, some getting-to-know-you lunches and a lovely tea party raising money for MacMillan cancer support. We look forward to meeting your family.

Chatter and Tots

Our thriving Toddler Group runs on Thursday mornings during term-time. A chance for the toddlers to play followed by singing and then drinks and biscuits. Small charge of £1.50 for a toddler and baby, extra children 50p.  This group runs from 9.30am to 11.15 am and our carpark opens at 9.15 for people attending the session. Open to parents and carers, people of all faiths and none. We include a christian song every week and tell the story of Christmas and Easter each year. Contact: wendy.lidgate@outlook.com