Mission is about sharing God’s vision of justice and love for all people in the world around us, including our local neighbourhood.  It's also about building good relationships, and forming healthy community.

Big thanks to Liz, who has fulfilled the role of Mission Developer in our church over the past five years.  We wish her every blessing in her new job in Edinburgh from September 2023. 

Community Coffee Morning 

We offer a Coffee Morning on Tuesday from 10:30 to 12:30 at the Church. It is a welcoming safe place where people know they will be welcomed in a non-judgemental way, offered a compassionate listening ear and invited to journey with us.

It’s a place where you can meet new and existing friends and enjoy a morning of fun and laughter. 


Outreach in our Community


Our Mission and Outreach work supports both the marginalised and vulnerable section of our community, signposting and creating awareness of support groups available in the area. 

With the support of our partner Sainsbury’s Welwyn Garden City, our congregation, as well as the wider community, we are able to provide much-needed donations to the New Zion Foodbank. https://www.newzioncf.net/food-bank

The past year the New Zion Foodbank has collected on average 2 to 3 trollies full of donations every Monday morning from us (even when its snowing!) in prepartion for the 45-65 visitors that they have every Wednesday from 9am - 11 am.

Gift Weekend 

We have an annual Christmas Gift Weekend event when we ask the community and the church congregation to donate gifts for our chosen charities.

At the end of 2022, Home-Start, Resolve Homeless Charity and Age UK were absolutely delighted with all the donations they received. It made such a difference to the lives of so many at Christmas.


Mark 16:15:   And then he told them, “Go into all the world and preach the Good News to everyone”.

Jesus spent a lot of time while he was on earth preaching about God's word. By involving ourselves with Mission we can also share this good news with everyone whilst supporting them on their spiritual journey. God is Love.


Worship Café

During the year we also have a Worship Café which is usually on a Sunday afternoon from 3-4pm where we sing contemporary worship songs, reflect on a Bible reading and pray together. Everyone is welcome.

Pets Blessing Service

We also have a Pets Blessing Service several times a year when we thank God in prayer for our pets, reflect on Bible readings about animals, sing or listen to music together and each pet receives a blessing at the end of the service.



We encourage those we meet to explore their spirituality and develop their discipleship as their faith grows by offering opportunities like;

  • The Alpha Course
  • New Seekers Bible Study Course
  • Our Mid Herts Cluster Book Club
  • Exploring the Bible together with other like-minded people
  • Prayer Walks and Prayer Chains
  • Sunday Worship
  • Christian Meditation etc.

Being a true disciple is about recognising and responding to God's presence in every aspect of our lives.

Alpha Course


We usually run Alpha online and aim to run the course once or twice a year, depending on demand. We believe that everyone should have the opportunity to ask life's big questions: 

  • What is my pupose?
  • What is God like? 
  • Why is there suffering?

This course is for anyone who would like to explore the Christian faith in a fun, no-pressure environment. Each session includes a short film and a discussion where one can chat through one’s thoughts and questions within a small group of people. The course runs over 15 weeks, usually on Wednesday evenings at 8pm with conversations about Faith, Life and God.

Should you be interested in joining our next Alpha course please contact Wendy on 07904517384 or wendy.lidgate@outlook.com 

Do watch this YouTube video at the end of this page for an insight to the Alpha course    

Mid Herts Cluster Book Club

We meet every 6 weeks on Zoom to discuss the book that we have read. Prior to the meeting, we receive questions to reflect on and this forms the basis of our discussions. It is always interesting to hear everyone's point of view.
The objective of the book club is to encourage people to share experiences of a fiction or non-fiction Christian book they read and help them to develop their spiritual journey by understanding and questioning the content of the book. Please get in touch with officewgcurc@gmail.com for more information

Prayer Walks and Prayer Chains 

We encourage people to pray as they go for a walk or pray as they relax in their gardens – in fact you can pray anywhere – God will always hear you.

A Holy Week to Easter Walk was organised by the Churches in WGC. Please visit the www.churchesinwgc.org.uk for more information.

Sunday Worship @10.30

Please refer to http://wgcurc.org.uk/worship/ for more information about our Sunday worship services.

Special ‘Thank You’ Worship Services – every few months we hold a ‘Thank You’ service where we hear testimonies of prayers that have been answered. We would like to share these with you so do watch them on the YouTube links below;

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IUhcrF3yC4E      21 November 2021

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=orR4Qln2_8M      15 May 2022


If you would like someone to pray with you or for you, please get in touch with our Minister via the church office: officewgcurc@gmail.com

No Prayer is too big or too small.

Social Media

Please ‘like’ our The URC Community Group of Welwyn Garden City Facebook page and do feel free to share any of our posts. We post information about our community activities as well as any information that may be of interest to the wider community. 

We also have a Welwyn Garden City United Reformed Church Facebook page, where we share forthcoming church events.