Special Events






Mon 14th January                Start of Week of Prayer for Christian Unity                           
Sat 19th January  Breakfast Church  10am to 11:30 am                             
Fri 18th January         Winter Ball 7:30pm                               
Sat 26th January     Bird Watch  10am to 12am                                 
Sat 2nd February         Breakfast Church  10am to 11:30 am                                 
Sat 16th February        Breakfast Church  10am to 11:30 am                               
Sat 2nd March     Breakfast Church  10am to 11:30 am                                    
Sun 3rd March     Big Communion and Tea 3pm                                   
Sun 31st March             Mothering Sunday ; 10:30am                          
Sun 14th April     Palm Sunday Family Service 
Thu 18th April   Maundy Thursday Passover                      
 Fri 19th April

  Service in Howardsgate followed by Coffee and Hot Cross Buns in Church          

 Sun 21st April

  Easter Service Communion             

 Sat 27th April

  Pop Up Fayre   10am to 1pm                  

 Sun 5th May 

  Time to Remember Tea  3pm                      

 Sun 9th June           

 Pentecost Service                      

Sun 14th July

 Summer BBQ