About Us

We think of ourselves as a church for the whole Community, for worship and as a place for many social groups to gather.

We are part of the national United Reformed Church, although many of our members have belonged to other denominations previously, and some are new to Christianity.

Our Minister position in now in vacancy. A group of Elders elected by the membership led the Church. Major decisions are referred to our bi-monthly church meeting and there are a few subcommittees especially for large projects. Day to day, the church community centre is supported by many volunteers and our Staff: currently Liz (Mission Developer), Wendy (Outreach to Families), Allison (Administration) and Michael (Caretaking) 

We take guidance from the national URC church on policies such as Safeguarding and Data Privacy. We are careful in recruiting volunteers and will carry out DBS checks for the roles when they are relevant.

We maintain strong relationships with other URC churches in Hertfordshire and are part of a group of churches called Heartland which comprises of  Wheathampstead – Harpenden – WGC – Brickett Wood – Chiswell Green – Homewood Road – Trinity – St. Ninian’s – Bury Park – Edward Street – St. Katherine’s – Wigmore.

Our local cluster includes the churches in Wheathampstead and Harpenden.This allows us to share our resources and to join in worship with them from time to time 

The Revd Jane Weedon was our previous Minister -  pictured here with the Presiding Minister- the Revd Dr Andrew Prasad at her induction into the local Cluster of Churches - Welwyn Garden City, Harpenden and Wheathampsted





You can find a link to the national URC site here  http://www.urc.org.uk

Details about the local Thames North Synod is here  http://www.urcthamesnorth.org.uk